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Welcome to You Simplified

Web site studies in progress

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Original project for “You Simplified” web site was “a dynamic web site that would be changing continuously every day with contributions of its visitors” but  it didn’t work out that way.
This shouldn’t be a surprise for an average person. Isn’t it? If you are  trying to run a project as hobby and you are distracted with some other real  life activities, your may not focus on your hobby as much as you want. On the  other hand there wasn’t much actions from the web site’s visitors, I mean, there wasn’t much an “external push” either. So, that’s were we are before.
What is the plan for future?
There will be new pages and some more information. Web site will be updated often as possible. etc. , etc., etc., ......

This Domain  is an experimental web site to learn joomla and its functions at the same time as a sister web site of www.yousimplified.com On the other hand don't forget to visit the pages that are already there. You may find good deals or interesting articles!


You Simplified!

Things that you found doing easy simple and wanted to share with others to make their life easier

This is your dynamic web site that is changing its contents according to its visitors' interests, request, by sharing their ideas, tips, tricks for anything that computers involved. So, anyone (an average Joe or Jane) who does not have an extensive knowledge on computer can be able to accomplish what they want with their computers. For instance putting a web site on the net or solving a computer security issues by themselves without being computer geek!

The most biggest challenge for and average person when working with computer and internet is not-knowing where to start. And, their biggest mistake to think that this is too difficult task to handle by themselves. This turns the simple challenge which will increase their self confidence to a big obstacle and eventually potentially a failure. Simply they make themselves fail.

So what to do?
Do not forget the Rule # 1, believe in yourself. Anything and everything around you is for an average person or people.
Average people makes the biggest percentage of the population and so as the biggest market. Nobody want to make those average people (just like me or like you) upset but sell them something.

The Rule#2 is if you loose your self esteem for any reason, remember Rule #1.

And, there is no Rule # 3. It is all you and your desire to achieve your goal.

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